Mystery Man ….?

Charles Cycling - Mystery Man
The Unknown Picture…

No – this is most definitely not me being the Mystery Man!

A friend of mine sent me the photograph some time ago. They thought it would be great for the front page of a website. I totally agree!

Is it real or PhotoShop, I’m not too sure?

However, if any of you eagle-eyed readers out there come across this image elsewhere, or indeed know who the Mystery Man is, or know anything about it’s origin, please do let me know, as it would be great to find out it’s provenance. Obviously, I don’t like to use other peoples images without their knowledge and consent…… but I just couldn’t resist this one!!!

Cool Photo Gallery

Feel free to submit any photographs of your own that you think are pretty amazing too!

It would be great to build up a gallery of cool cycling related images. Even if you just come across good high quality photographs, I will try and track down the owner or photographer behind the lens and seek permission to display their work here.

Now, I don’t mean just do a Google search, we can all do that. No, instead, if you happen across something unique or eye-catching, let us know, we’ll take it from there.

Of course, if you are any good with a camera yourself, or have pictures of your own that you think are amazing, send them along! We may not always choose to use them, but don’t feel sad, we will post them. The rest of our users can vote on whether they make the grade and get added to our ‘Cool’ Gallery.

Remember now, two hands on the handlebars! Please, no hand’s free cycling at 45Km/hr down the Alp’s just so you can get a nice shot! Do try and be sensible out there folks!

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